FAQs For Pre-paid Meters

Q1: How to apply for a new prepaid meter? 


1. Go to the nearest customer service offices to submit a request for a prepaid meters service with the following documents copy of the ID card, a copy of House Mulkiah and( Korki), a Permit for construction, or submit an electronic application through Majan website https://majanco.co.om/en-us .

2. Submit your request for prepaid meters at one of the customer service offices (with the same system as the application of the postpaid meter).

3. Our staff register your application and follow the rest of the procedures according to the company's regulations.

4. The electric inspector makes sure that the electrical connections are appropriate for the installation of the prepaid meter. 

5. After completing the application in our system, an order is issued to one of the contracting companies for installation


Q2: How to replace a postpaid meter with a prepaid meter?

A: Go to the nearest customer service offices to apply a request for replacing the meter from postpaid to prepaid, you must pay all previous outstanding before moving to prepaid. If payment is not possible, we can agree to transfer the previous outstanding to the prepaid account in accordance with a deduction plan to cover the payment of dues through meter recharges.


Q3: How is the prepaid meter installed?

A: According to the following steps:

1. The contractors receive the meter from the meters workshop with the Home Display Unit (HDU).

2. After registering the request in the prepaid system (CPS), the meter activation and programming numbers are issued and delivered to the installation company to be filled in and activated.

3. The contractor enters activation numbers (80) or (60) digits consecutively through (HDU).


Q4: Where can I buy a new recharge PIN for prepaid meters?

A: You can buy recharged PINs through telephone applications and BPM machines or buy them from OIFC (Khadmah) or ONEIC branches.


Q5: What is the price of a prepaid meter?

A: Prepaid 1PHs meter OMR 39,100 type (standalone) and prepaid 3PHs meter type OMR 62.700 type (standalone) .


Q6: How to enter the recharge code in the meters?

A: After purchasing the recharge PIN, enter the code to the meter through the home display unit as follows:

Enter the code by pressing "*" and then enter numbers from left to right. After entering all numbers, press "#" if you enter a number by mistake, press the "*" key for return and correction. After accepting the code, ACCEPTED is displayed as confirmation of the success of the code acceptance process.


Q7: How can I know the balance available in the meter? 

A: To check the balance press 11, in the keyboard will appear on the screen of the HDU total balance remaining in Omani riyals.


Q8: What can I do if I lost the recharge PIN?

A: call the contact center at toll-free 80078000 to help, the recipient will contact the following procedures before providing the lost recharge PIN: check the customer data by asking the customer for a prepaid number, the date and time of the payment after verification, and the appearance of the last recharge PIN and making sure the time and date the recharge PINs can be sent to the customers by text message, email or any appropriate, possible and easy method.


Q9: What can I do if the meter does not accept a recharge PIN?

A: call the contact center and the call recipient will guide you and make sure that the numbers are entered in full correctly, after the attempts continue and the customer confirms that he entered the PINs correctly and still the meter rejects the PIN, the recipient will check the activation token numbers from the system and in case it continued to reject the PIN they will ask the prepaid team for support.


Q10: The HDU screen doesn't work?

A: Make sure the cable is properly connected to the HDU and meter.


Q11: If there is any technical malfunction in the meter or defective, what can I do?

A: call the contact center at the toll-free number 80078000 and explain the problem and the recipient will help 


Q12: What can I do if I use the PIN to recharge another prepaid customer by mistake?

A: call the contact center to ask for help and the recipient will notify you how to solve the problem or raise a complaint through the Majan website and need to attach the payment receipt to the wrong PIN recharge.


Q13: What can I do if I buy a recharge PIN for a prepaid meter from one of the mobile apps and I didn’t receive the PIN via SMS or email.

A: call the contact center for assistance with the need to provide prepaid number data in addition to mentioning the date and time of purchase of the PIN with the explanation of the payment recharge channel that you used, the recipient of the call after confirming and reviewing the data will send the PIN recharge numbers.