Re-issuing Customer bills after changing the Omani tariff Slabs.


1.1 What are the changes to the Omani tariff?

 1.2 What are the changes to the subsidized tariff?


Example of Omani tariff Calculation before and after the tariff change

  • Saeed has an electricity account with updated data, and it consumed 4,500 kilowatt-hours during June 2021, so the value of his bill according to the previous slabs was 69.5 riyals because it exceeded 4000 and falls within the range of the first, second and third slabs. After the decision to expand the slabs, the consumption of the Saeed family falls within the range of the first & second slabs. The value of his bill will be 56 riyals, according to the illustrative example below:


The Notice

 2. Notification Format

2.1 How will I receive my new bills?

  • The distribution companies will provide the customer with a summary notice containing the values of the bills of May, June, and July.
  • This is a one-time notice issued to provide the information to the customer in summary.

2.2  Can I get the detailed separate bills for May, June, and July?

  • The distribution companies will provide the customer with a detailed bill for the month of July. The bill will also be available online
  • For May and June, the customer will only get a notice of the bill value


2.3 How are the values in the invoice calculated for each month

  • The values in the notice represent the bill's values calculated based on the consumption of that month. They do not represent the payable amounts

2.4 The values of my bills for June 2021 did not change even after re-calculation. Why is that?

  • In case your consumption was less than 2000 kwh in June 2021, that month's bill value will not change. Since the tariff change happened for consumptions above 2000 kwh per month. Hence, your consumption will be subject to revised calculations.

2.5 How can I know which tariff I am getting?

  • You can know the tariff you have on each of your electricity accounts by
  • looking at the electric bill, where the tariff name is mentioned on the bill
  • calling the utility call center and asking about the tariff for each of your accounts.
  • Visit the website of the distribution company

2.6 How can I know the payable amount I need to pay?

  • The payable amount is shows in July bills, which the companies will send in association with bills summary notice. July bill will also be available online

3. Payment

3.1 When will the collection channels be open for payment?

  • The collection channels will be opened after generating the billing of May, June, and July. This is expected on the 20th of September.

3.2 The amount of bills for 3 months is high. Will the company allow some time to settle these bills?

  • Yes. The companies will not disconnect the electricity from any residential customer as per the direction of the regulation authority. However, the companies will send the normal notifications for payments to the customer.
  • In addition, you can call the companies and make a payment agreement to settle the amounts over a longer time period.

3.3 I have already paid the invoices of May and June. What will happen to my payment?

  • The amount you have paid already will be settled against the total value of the bills for the months of May, June & July.


4. Future Bills

4.1 How will this change impact my August and September 2021 bills?

  • All residential accounts will be subject to the new tariff regulations, starting May 2021,
  • August 2021 bills will be issued immediately after finalizing the previous months and will be distributed normally to customers using the normal channels, using the new tariffs regulations for residential accounts.


5. Data Update

5.1 My CIVIL_ID is not linked to my accounts? How can I fix it?

  • To update customers' data click here or contact the call centers
  • The customer can visit the distribution companies with
  1. The CIVIL_ID
  2. Ownership deeds or rental agreement

5.2 Channels I can use to update my information with the Utilities?

 the customer can also visit the offices of the company or SANAD and provide the proper documents to update his information.

5.3 I am an Omani citizen and I have only 1 account. My monthly bill shows that I am getting the resident tariff. How can I change it to Omani tariff?

  • To update your information please click here.  

The customer can also visit the offices of the company or SANAD and provide the proper documents to update his information.


6. Prepaid

6.1 I have a prepaid meter, and I already paid the cost of electricity previously based on the old tariff, how will the new tariff apply to me?

  • The new tariffs will apply retrospectively starting May 2021 and the customer will get the difference as a credit in their meter accounts, which they can use to issue more tokens.