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Majan Electricity Company SAOC is one of the leading companies in electricity distribution and supply in an authorized area. MJEC looking to provide an excellent service for their customers with high & modern quality of services. Therefore, the main service providing location of MJEC as following:

Office Name

Phone No.

Fax No.

Map of the Office

North Al-Batinah



Al Khabora 26805743 26805292
Saham 26856361 26856106
Shinas 26748388 26748288


22005399 22005398  

Al Dahirah Region and Al Buraimi

Ibri 25688198 25688304
Yanqul 25672662 25672661
Dhank 25676234 25676455

Al Buraimi Governorate

Al Buraimi 25656900 25655244