Positions Available
Assist Material Engineer
Start Date

Specific Duties


  1. adhere to the Company’s health, safety, environmental and security policies at all times and immediately report violations of these policies to MJEC’s health and safety representatives;
  2. takes delivery of goods and oversees the receipt of materials ordered, co-ordination and safety of incoming materials for a designated service area;
  3. ensures ordered material or equipment arrive and are dispatched on time to the right destinations in the quantities required;
  4. manages efficient systems to account for all incoming and outgoing material;
  5. operates and maintains the Company’s stock recording system (Oracle system) and generates stock reports showing inventory and stock movements on a monthly basis;
  6. ensures that all material and equipment are stored securely and safely under conditions appropriate to the specific items of material or equipment;
  7. meets deadlines for material delivery and service by maintaining flexibility and efficiency;
  8. identifies adequate storage requirements for incoming materials in advance and ensures that materials are properly stored;
  9. manages periodic stock checks against inventory listings & identifies anomalies & resolves issues, as needed;
  10. raises unresolved issues on a timely basis to department managers for resolution;
  11. provides a variety of reports showing material and stock inventory and stock movements on a monthly basis;
  12. cooperates with auditors and others to provide access to stock records and manual stock checks as required;
  13. liaise with consultants & contractors and other key stakeholders as needed; and,
  14. other duties, as assigned.
  15. Ready to work in Emergency work if required .


Key Performance Indicators

§  In compliance with Company’s Stores and Inventory Manual

§  Timely delivery of all materials on a cost effective basis

§  Accurate records maintained in the Oracle System



Job Qualification and Experience
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor university degree in Electrical Engineer 

Business Experience:
*Business experience in the utility distribution business
*experience working with materials and inventory.

 Required Skills:
*Service driven
*Good interpersonal skills
*Good communications are needed, particularly written and spoken English and Arabic
*Computer literate, with knowledge of word, excel and power point.
*A team player.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood the job description and responsibilities.