Positions Available
Testing and Commissioning Protection Engineer
Start Date

Specific Duties:

  • Provide technical support and advice related to protection matters to TC and Project Departments within MJEC
  • monitor and assesses the efficiency of the current protection system at a series of levels
  • Identify protection schemes needing modification/replacement due to inadequate materials or ageing
  • manage protection and control at the network level & provide support to MJEC’s distribution offices as required, in accordance with the MJEC protection guidelines
  • provide protection technical support related to the MJEC operation network
  • analyze incidents with respect to relay coordination
  • assist Protection Schemes in designing and implementing protective schemes for new power lines and substations to be installed by the Company
  • applies specialist configuration software to configure numerical and static relays using the laptop computer on site
  • undertakes problem solving and analysis of potential problems throughout the protective schemes and devices throughout the Company’s network
  • analyses system outages and proposes modifications and changes to the protection systems for management approval
  • coordinates all the activities related to protection with the Control Centre
  • undertakes protection testing in accordance with MJEC policies and procedures, and the Distribution and Grid Code
  • develop annual performance measures and targets for the group & report against these, and performance against plan
  • inspects new material purchased for protection related jobs to assess their suitability
  • maintain a data base for system fault levels, relay settings and relay conditions
  • develop annual performance measures & targets for the group & report against these
  • Participate in the development of technical specifications and scope of work and participate in negotiation of contract terms and conditions between the Company and the contractors to ensure fairness and interest of the company and compliance to the Company’s standard policies and procedures
  • Manage contractors assigned to construct or modify the system, monitor contractor performance, and ensure contract variances in time and costs are minimized
  • Participates in new or renovated substation protection equipment before taking over from consultants and/or contractors
  • Communicate the overall business requiremnts and focus areas for the business and clarify the manner in which the team will contribute to overall business objectives; translate the business plan into team/departmental objectives
  • Delegate responsibilities and tasks to team members with clear timelines and expectations on quality;make available the requisite resources to perform the job
  • Provide support to Asset Management in the preparation of the Annual Relay Maintenance Plan
  • manages the relay coordination settings of the Company to allow the smooth operation of the Company’s networks and the interfaces with Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), distribution Companies, and bulk load customers
  • *develop, implement & report against staff training programs to improve technical & management skills; and, other duties, as assigned
  • I Identify the business need for establishing a process and provide inputs in defining and documenting it; assign accountabilities within the team for managing the process
  • Adhere to internal processes and encourage adherence from team members; recognize the need for modifications to existing processes and share them with appropriate teams
  • Treat IT security with the utmost importance and adhere to ISO standards and aspects on IT security
  • assists to maintain a secure database of records and drawings related to the protection schemes and equipment installed throughout the Company’s network
  • oversee the development, management and implementation of annual work programs and
  • budgets for the group consistent with the MJEC’s business strategy and business planning process
  • Understand the HSE standards of the company and adhere to them at all times
  • Report incidents of HSE violations and lapses to competent authority
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures at all times

Job Qualification and Experience

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor university degree in Electrical Engineering is required.



Business Experience:

3 years’ business experience in electrical power supply

Experience in protection testing/commissioning

Protection level of authorization No 2 is ideal.