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Our Call Center commenced operations on 18/11/2009. The inauguration coincided with the glorious occ  asion of the 39th National Day of Oman. The call center has introduced the latest technology in communications and has been introduced to serve our customers better and meet their requirement with speed.  The call center is equipped with state of the art technology and trained resources who can meet the current and future demands of our customers.
The Call Centre serves all our customers in the authorized area of North Al-Batinah, Al- Dahirah regions and Al Buraimi governorate. MJEC has invested O.R. 200,000  in this project including materials, installation of hardware and software.



 The most important business call center


 1-To continue the positive and effective with the beneficiaries of individuals and institutions of society.
2 - receive all inquiries, complaints and suggestions related to the company and respond to and work on finding appropriate solutions for every problem in the framework of the resolutions and regulations governing the work.
3 - Providing information sincere and true all the things your company to all parties and dealing on the basis of transparency, trust and credibility.
4 - to guide and instruct recipients to better ways and solutions to all of what Iatrdahm obstacles.
5 - Proposing and organizing various programs and projects that support the communication and partnership both internally and externally.
6 - Preparation of periodic reports and to provide statistics on the problems of the network by type and number.
7 - Working on the basis of international standards and provide the service smoothly and professionally in record time and with minimal costs.
8 - Monitoring and evaluation of user satisfaction, which would be a mirror of the company, through which we can stand on the negative aspects and obstacles that can hinder or affect the pace of achievement and quality of services provided by the company in order to address these obstacles or removed to gain the confidence of the participants and to ensure interaction and communication continuing with them.
9 - to document the relationship between the company and members of the community and create a bridge of continuous communication with all segments of society.
10 - to contribute in raising awareness through the definition of callers all aspects of interest to the company.
11 - to benefit from the balance of the accumulated achievements and experiences provided by the call center in the future planning of the services offered by the company to improve quality and increase efficiency.
12 - work to improve human relations among all employees in the company, and create an atmosphere of trust among them.
13 - Work to form strong relationships with customers and serve them with professionalism and resolve their problems.
14 - the handling of complaints set out for the company and take appropriate action and conversion circuits, each within its terms of reference and follow-up.
15 - contact participants to confirm the arrival of invoices for new connections.
16 - Contact participants on the revision of the company stalled on the counters and manipulated in order to replace the meter and the payment of losses and fees and fines, if any.
17 - Contact participants for payment of accounts falling in the lists of the pieces.
18 - to provide some services such as:
- Send invoices by fax or e-mail.
- To provide the participants of the locations, numbers, branches of the company and company UNC.
- The work of questionnaires measuring customer satisfaction.
19 - the management of some important projects and programs such as:
- Monitoring the work of company vehicles.
- Monitoring the work of company networks





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