HSSE input for MJEC annual report 2015

In 2015 Majan Electricity Company was able to overcome many challenges in terms of HSSE communication and commitment. 2015 has passed without any LTI being recorded (by the end of December 2015, we have achieved 561 days without LTI) though 3 high potential incidents occurred but lucky enough that these incidents resulted in zero lost time injures. A number of HSSE violations committed by MJEC and contractors’ staff have been spotted. Serious actions have been taken against the violators. Contractors’ have been suspended from work on HSSE ground. MJEC is very serious about getting HSSE rules & procedures being implemented,
In 2015, the focus was on:
1) Importance of job safety plan, and no work should start without such plan is prepared, hazards identified along with controls.
2) Contractors’ compliance , and adherence to ESRs
3) Emphasis on risks while working at heights, the 2015 theme was ‘check before you climb’ as in 2014 we had two LTIs related to work at heights , to ensure those climbing poles, using scaffolding, pocket trucks etc. have job safety plan with all HSSE controls exist.
4) Checking on contractors’ HSE plans, and makes HSE files for all contactors who work in MJEC to ensure contractors’ HSE competency.

For 2016 the theme will be ‘check before you lift’ to emphasis on the importance of safe lifting operation as we have already two high potential incidents related to lifting operations. Before lifting need to ensure fitness of crane, its associated lifting equipment belts, slings etc., ensure truck fitness and its suitability to transport the require load, the load must be well secured in the truck etc.
MJEC has been audited by EHC; the audit finding was ‘satisfactory’
As part of HSE KPI, MJEC has prepared HSE improvement plan, which include the activities to be done to further enhance HSE performance.
Still MJEC along with its contractors need to well address the HSE critical activities
1) Electrical hazards
2) Lifting operations
3) Driving & transportation of equipment
4) Working at heights